Message From Chairman

Welcome to Fazal International Pvt. Ltd. which renders service in the field of manpower recruitment to the global market. Initially, we should like to express our sincerest gratitude to our valued clients, our business associates, and all well-wishers alike and hereby reiterate our commitment to quality for years to come. This is because we know that only through quality in our work deliveries will we be able to see our future in the brightest spectrum of colours, without your support however this will be very difficult to achieve.

Our commitment to quality nurtures trust, which takes us to a long-lasting business relationship with you. Your Trust, Recantation and Confidence will eventually result in the successful spread of profit to both the workers and their employers Fazal International Pvt. Ltd. within a very short period of time has indeed become one of the premier human resource consultants in Nepal.

Our firm has always belived in the philosophy of quality and our motto is to delight our customers with “Total Satisfaction” in both the personal and professional arenas. Furthermore, we are committed to continuing with and upholding this distinction.

We thank you for visiting our office and for the interest you have shown in our organization. We invite you to experience our personal and friendly service, which we are sure, will delight you.

Thank you!
Kind Regards